What Is Personal Liability Coverage?

Personal liability coverage helps protect you financially if you are responsible for injuries or damages to another party. This coverage, also known as personal liability insurance, can be extended to your family members. Therefore, if your child or wife accidentally damages another person’s property, they will be covered under the policy 

How Can You Get Personal Liability Coverage?

Personal liability insurance is usually included in your renters, homeowners, or dwelling insurance policy. It can also be added to an existing policy or purchased as a policy on its own if you don’t rent or own physical property.

What Does Personal Liability Insurance Cover?

Personal liability insurance covers injuries sustained on your property by paying for these injuries.

It also covers damage to another person’s property if you or a member of your family is responsible for the damage. For instance, if your child breaks your neighbor’s window, your liability coverage can help foot the bill for a replacement.

Likewise, it covers lawsuits, lawyer’s fees, and other legal expenses if you or a household member is sued over an accident they caused.

Sometimes, personal liability coverage also covers dog bites. However, this varies from one insurer to another, so be sure to check with your Bundle Bee Insurance Agency professional and find out whether dog bites are covered or if the coverage is limited to specific breeds.

What Does Personal Liability Coverage Not Cover?

There are several liability claims that personal liability insurance doesn’t cover. They include business claims, intentional damage or harm, and your own damages or injuries. 

Additionally, personal liability coverage doesn’t cover car accidents; your auto liability insurance is responsible for any injuries or damages occurring from car accidents.

Insurance has many complexities, making it hard to always understand what to choose. If you have questions about personal liability insurance, contact Bundle Bee Insurance Agency for help. 

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