What are the Benefits of Windstorm Insurance?

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One characteristic of Texas is that it is a very windy place. The state’s prairie land and flat topography make it easy for constant wind to blow at all times of the year.  But when windstorms beckon, a pleasant breeze might become a threatening, damaging hazard. As wind speeds increase, they begin to threaten even the sturdiest […]

Did You Know Home Insurance Doesn’t Cover Flooding?

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Home insurance coverage is an often-misunderstood topic. This insurance covers a wide range of dangers that threaten your home, but there are some exclusions to this coverage. Floods are becoming an increasingly serious problem across the U.S., especially in Texas and other southern states. Not only is the rate of hurricanes and tropical cyclones increasing, but […]

How Can I Lower My Homeowners Insurance Rate?

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Owning a home is a huge investment and can be expensive. Homeowners insurance rates can crawl up without notice until you’re hit with a bill that’s way over what you originally expected. Thankfully, there are ways to pay less for your homeowners’ insurance. Build Your Credit Homeowners with high credit tend to have lower insurance rates, as they’re […]

Is Home Insurance Legally Required

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When you buy a home, you have to prepare yourself to spend a lot of money. First, there’s the cost to buy the home, which is likely one of the biggest costs you will ever make. Second, there’s all the money you’ll invest in property maintenance and upkeep over the years. That’s incentive enough to buy homeowners […]