Will Car Insurance Cover Hail Damage in El Paso, TX?

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Hey there, El Paso car owners! We all love the sun-soaked weather, but let’s face it – we’re no strangers to the occasional hail storm. And if you’ve ever found yourself in the middle of one, you’ve probably wondered, “Will my car insurance cover this?“ Well, good news! If you’re signed up with a comprehensive […]

Everything You Need To Know About Auto Insurance For Teens.

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As a parent, insuring your teenage driver can be a daunting task. Ensuring their safety on the road while managing the costs can feel overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential aspects of car insurance coverage for teen drivers, providing valuable insights to help you make informed decisions and find the right […]

5 Myths About Your Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance is a complicated subject. You could say many people know just enough about auto insurance to be dangerous. Myths about auto insurance are prevalent. However, with a little learning, you can dismantle any auto insurance myth that leaves you exposed financially or hinders your ability to determine the best auto insurance for your family. You Will Never Reach […]

How to Save on Auto Insurance

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It’s no secret that people don’t like paying for insurance. However, you also know that it’s necessary in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from the unexpected. Health insurance is generally the most expensive form of coverage, followed by auto insurance. But don’t lose hope! Reducing your auto premiums and qualifying for discounts may […]

Gap Insurance

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Car owners often assume that if their car is totaled, it will be replaced at the amount they paid, or at least the amount they owe. However, that’s not always the case — learn why and what you can do to protect yourself. Is Gap Coverage Right for You?  Guaranteed asset protection, or gap insurance is […]

What Is Property Damage Coverage On My Car Insurance Policy?

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All drivers need car insurance, and in most states it’s mandatory anyway. Still, many people don’t fully realize exactly what the specific terms within their policies mean. Therefore, you cannot just assume that your plan includes all the coverage you want it to if you have not examined it thoroughly.  One key component that everyone wants […]

Do I Need Full Coverage Car Insurance in Texas?

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When looking for car insurance, you will come across a lot of coverage options available for you and your vehicle. Not every policy is created equal, however, and it is important to choose the policy that is right for you. What Insurance is Required in Texas?  Texas requires a minimum amount of liability insurance for all […]

Should I Get My Teen Driver Their Own Car Insurance?

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Most teen drivers have high chances of making mistakes behind the wheel. For this reason, they often cost a lot more money to insure. Therefore, many parents wonder whether it is better to add a teen driver to the family’s auto policy or to buy them their own coverage. If you are wrestling with this question yourself, […]