Insurance Agency Vs Insurance Company

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Insurance Agency vs. Insurance Company: What’s the difference? Insurance is one of the most crucial financial tools for protecting yourself against future losses. Insurance types range from medical and property insurance to car insurance.  If you’re currently looking for insurance in El Paso, you’ve probably heard the terms insurance agency or insurance company being thrown […]

Your Roof, Home Insurance and Windstorm Coverage

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Homeowners insurance provides coverage against numerous severe weather hazards, and wind damage is often one of them. However, you should not assume that this coverage is automatically included on your plan. Often, there are a few exclusions and other policy exceptions that will limit your benefits in certain circumstances. Some of these limitations might arise when […]

What is Cash-value Homeowners Insurance?

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All homeowner policies automatically cover household contents. However, the way these contents are covered can vary greatly depending on the type of policy. Purchasing a cash-value homeowners policy means when you file a claim, your lost, stolen or damaged items will be paid out at a depreciated value. On the other hand, a replacement-cost policy would pay for the […]

Home Insurance for Vacant Homes

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A home that you own might stand vacant for long periods for a number of reasons. For example, you might be working in another city for a number of months. Or, perhaps you will stay with relatives as you recover from an operation, and will be away for some time. Regardless of why your home […]

How Does a Home Insurance Deductible Work?

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When you purchase a home insurance policy, one of the many decisions you will make is over your home insurance deductible. An insurance deductible is how much you must pay out of pocket before receiving compensation for a home insurance claim. For example, say a bad storm sweeps in and causes $3,000 worth of damage to your home. […]