What are the Benefits of Bundling Home and Auto Insurance?

Homeowners insurance and car insurance help you protect what are often the most valuable assets you own. By buying coverage, you can protect the value invested in these belongings, along with your family’s liabilities. When comparing policies, you

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 might receive the opportunity to bundle your coverage. This is a convenient way to make policies more cohesive, and bundles also offer financial perks. Here’s why you should consider bundling your home and auto policies the next time you buy coverage. 

What is bundling?  

Policy bundling is a common offering of many insurance companies. It just means that the company sells multiple types of coverage to the same customer. Most insurers offer more than one type of coverage (and usually several policy options). Often, it is easy for them to sell several to the same customer. This is convenient for the insurer and offers quite a few benefits to the customer, too.  

It might not make sense immediately to bundle your home and auto policies. These are insurance policies on two separate assets. However, bundling does not combine the coverage. It simply allows you the ease of keeping several policies with one insurer.

Ease of Policy Management  

Since bundling keeps several policies in one place, you can access all your policies at once. You will have only one agent to call if you ever need to make changes to your policy or report multiple claims. You won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to make simple changes or deal with a problem.  

Through bundling, you work with an agent who knows the terms of all your coverage. They’ll know how to help you make changes quickly. They can more easily point out that if by adjusting one policy, you might need to adjust another.  

Furthermore, you can often keep your bundled policies’ terms and payment schedules aligned. You might not have to renew policies at different times (though terms can vary). More importantly, you won’t have to send payments separate places. Instead, you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone.

Premium Savings  

Since bundling often makes maintaining, renewing and paying for your policy easier, you often reduce the cost risk to your insurer. Notably, you might cut your risk of missing payments or letting your policy expire. If you are a good customer, then the insurer might be able to offer you a discount on your premiums. That can save you a lot of money over the lives of your policies. 

Homeowners and auto insurance policies are essential household expenses. Bundling your policies often makes it easier to keep them active, not to mention it also might save money. The convenience of keeping these policies aligned in a bundle can go a long way towards making you safer.

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