Do Car Accidents Happen More in Summer?

The harsh winter weather conditions are a mere memory, and road conditions are favorable for safer driving, making many drivers feel more confident on the road. However, despite the pleasant conditions, summer is full of dangers. You need good car insurance in El Paso, Texas, any time of the year. 

 Here are a few reasons why more accidents tend to happen in summer.  

More Teenage Drivers

Because of the summer break in the school year, there are more teenagers on the road in the summer. In addition to being inexperienced drivers, teenagers are more likely to use their phones while driving.  Thus, more accidents tend to occur. An El Paso car insurance package can protect your car from costly repairs due to inexperienced drivers. 

Tourists and Cyclers

Increased tourism during summer means more cars on the road. Additionally, many people enjoy cycling or motorcycling during the summer. High traffic congestion and more stressful driving conditions lead to more accidents.

More Intoxicated Drivers

The summer months see a lot more outdoor parties and celebrations where alcohol is casually consumed. This tends to increase the amount of reckless driving, resulting in more accidents. Even if you never drink and drive, there is a high chance someone else might during the summer. 

Increased Car Problems

Dramatic temperatures during the summer often cause a spike in car accidents. Higher temperatures increase the chance of worn-out tires blowing out and engines overheating. The surge in vehicle breakdowns also leads to more accidents. Having reliable El Paso car insurance can be a lifesaver in such situations.

You can still enjoy the season despite the possibility of more car accidents during summer. Contact Bundle Bee Insurance Agency for car insurance El Paso, TX, residents can trust and never have to worry about your car after an accident again.

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