How the Average Home Insurance Claim Process Works

When accidents happen and damage occurs to your house and property, the last thing you want to do is file paperwork and deal with insurance companies. However, the procedure could be easy if you’re prepared. Here’s what to expect from the claim process for homeowner’s insurance in El Paso, TX.

Beginning the Process

After damage occurs to your house, you’ll want to contact a home insurance company in El Paso, TX folks recommend. They will take down your information and what kind of damage happened and make arrangements to have the house inspected in person. In the meantime, you should make every effort to ensure the damage does not spread through the house. If you cannot live in or re-enter your home at this time, the cost of temporary accommodation may be covered.

Loss Assessment

Once the claim has been filed, there’s a little work to do. You’ll need to document the items in your house that were damaged or lost. It’s best to be as thorough and specific as possible to ensure all of your items are replaced. This process can be challenging, so it is a good idea to keep an inventory of your household items before an accident happens.

Resolving a Claim

The length of time it takes to resolve a claim varies widely. If the repairs were not covered directly by your insurer, keep your receipts for anything you paid for to be reimbursed later. At the end of the process, reimbursement checks will be sent to you, your mortgage lender, or the property management company, if applicable.

Dealing with damage to your house and property is already hard enough; filing a claim shouldn’t have to be. For quality homeowner’s insurance in El Paso, TX people trust, contact Bundle Bee Insurance today.

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