Am I being overcharged for my insurance?

You probably don’t doubt the importance of getting insurance coverage for your car and home, but are you sure you aren’t being overcharged for that insurance in El Paso, TX? Here are some ways to ascertain that what you are paying for insurance isn’t excessive.

Do comparison shopping annually

At least once each year, seek out quotations for insurance from different providers to compare those to what you are currently paying. If your provider of insurance in El Paso isn’t finding your best options, consider switching to another insurance provider like Bundle Bee Insurance Agency.

Ask about any fees on your policy

When reading your insurance policy, keep a sharp eye out to spot any fees included. Ask the agent to explain those fees and if you aren’t convinced about their necessity, find another insurer. 

Don’t leave discounts on the table

Insurance companies usually offer discounts to qualifying clients, such as those that add certain safety features to their vehicles. Talk to your insurance agent and find out whether you are eligible for such discounts so that you don’t pay more than you need to.

Are you bundling your coverage?

If you are getting different insurance policies from different companies, chances are you are generally overpaying for that cover. Insurers want clients to get all their policies from them, so they offer incentives to encourage customers to bundle their policies. Consider bundling your car and home insurance in El Paso and see how much you will save annually without altering the specifics of the coverage you get.

At Bundle Bee Insurance Agency, we ensure that our clients pay no more than what is required for their auto and home insurance. Contact us today for a free quote if you are shopping for a new insurer.

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